Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Funny NSA Ad

Funny or Die brings us a very funny ad for the NSA starring Sasha Grey. It is very satirical and worth watching.

Here it is. Enjoy.

Warning: Some suggestive content and one bleeped F word

Blimey Cow Summer Begins

Blimey Cow is hands down one of my favorite YouTube channels of all time. It contains vital information for our daily lives and it is intelligent, witty and funny. Now it is starting a new episode every Wednesday for the whole summer, entitled What's Updates.

Here is the introduction. I hope you enjoy it. 

Letter of Liberty News Edition (6-25-2013)

Here is my first news edition of Letter of Liberty, where I collect some of the best news and articles out there for your own reading pleasure and enlightenment.

Ron Paul warns us that we have learned nothing, even after the long, pointless intervention in Afghanistan.

Murray Rothbard explained how and how not to desocialize eleven years ago.

Leonard Liggio explored the anti-imperialism of the great libertarian laissez-faire economist and radical Ludwig Von Mises. It was originally published in the Libertarian Forum in 1974, and now it is up again as a Mises Daily article.

Laurence Vance at LCC defends the libertarian perspective on adultery and the state from a Christian perspective. 

John Whitehead describes the blindness of America as it is under the illusion of freedom, even as Big Brother is growing. The situation is similar to something in the Wachowski Brothers' classic film The Matrix.

Laurence Vance shows that Christianity, war and the state are fundamentally incompatible amongst themselves in the introduction to his new book War, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Folly of Christian Militarism

Marc Clair at Lions of Liberty takes a look at Rothbard's views on Thomas Jefferson on this week's Mondays with Murray edition. It seems that while Rothbard admired Jefferson for his belief in laissez-faire capitalism and considered him to be a radical revolutionary and libertarian, he was also critical of Jefferson's administration; Rothbard also noted that the Jeffersonians were among Jefferson's biggest critics, among whom were John Taylor of Caroline and John Randolph of Roanoke. For an interesting article by Rothabrd on Jefferson, see his article "Jefferson's Philosophy," republished at Mises.org as "Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian?" It was originally published in Faith and Freedom, March 1951.

Walter Williams exposes the bit-by-bit strategy of tyrants and busybodies in a hard-hitting article today.

Will Grigg on Edward Snowden vs. the Soyuz.

Sean Thomas explains that American supremacy has ended already.

Pat Buchanan on the Pentagon's feminist imperialism.

The Reformed Libertarian remembers Howard Buffett, forgotten libertarian and champion of the Old Right.

The Reformed Libertarian teaches us about the proper origins of rights. Contrary to John Locke and Murray Rothbard, rights don't come from ourselves; they come from our Creator God. For another interesting take, see Doug Douma's article at LCC.

Jacob Hornberger's 11th part to his 12-part series on the evil of the national security state.

Jacob Hornberger on the national-security state vs. freedom.

The Organic Prepper on how processed foods make us sick.

Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev an FBI double agent? Russ Baker at WhoWhatWhy searches for the answer.