Friday, December 6, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (12-06-2013)

Here is the Friday roundup of news for Letter of Liberty.

Jonathan Goodwin comments on what the pope actually said.

Dominic Frisby talks on drugs, Bitcoin and Silk Road.

John Odermatt addresses the dilemma of whether felons should have Second Amendment rights upon release.

Justin Raimondo makes the case against FDR and World War II.

Sibel Edmonds writes on wars, czars, and the zombie majority.

T. Hunt Tooley exposes the guardians of the warfare state.

Pratap Chaterjee writes on the CIA's role in the War on Terror.

Sheldon Richman addresses the dilemma of crime and punishment in a free society.

Jacob Hornberger writes on the relationship between federal debt, Greece, and Detroit.

Peter G. Klein writes on the recently deceased Nelson Mandela and the economics of apartheid.

Logan Albright shows how the state keeps down the poor.

Ash Navabi makes the case against the case for "basic income guarantees."

Christopher Casey shows the flaws in government statistics.

Michael Alford talks about the fear of God.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin explains natural law in relation to Scripture.

Scott Lazarowitz gives some resources for reading.

C. Jay Engel refutes the nonsense of positive liberty.

Gary North gives an economic analysis of Bitcoins.

Peter Schiff explains the Eastern lust for gold.

Robin Koerner explains the rightness of Rand Paul regarding "civil rights."

George Washington explains the plans to dump all the Fukushima radiation into the ocean.

Paul Fassa exposes the lies against butter.

A victory for liberty ocurred when parents defeated a school's attempt to impose infrared palm scanners on children.

The Daily Telegraph gives its Christmas guide to the best music box sets.

Oliver Burkeman on the daily habits of the most creative people

The Daily Mail reports on some hidden features that allow you to unsend a message on Gmail.

Brett and Kate McKay on going beyond resilience