Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (8-23-2013)

Here is the Friday news edition of Letter of Liberty. I will add more resources throughout the day.

Alaska just nullified an unconstitutional gun law.

Vermont completely nullifies federal hemp laws.

Tom Woods on how nullification is for cool kids.

Justin Raimondo on how black is the new "transparency."

It seems that the spying scandal is engulfing other US agencies.

Washington's worries are growing over Saudi Arabian ties

The White House is joking about Christians being murdered in Egypt.

Obama just lied again about spying on Americans.

Ron Paul on how private property is the essence of liberty. This is an excerpt from a speech in 1999 Ron Paul made before the House of Representatives.

Pat Buchanan on the dead souls of the cultural revolution (which terms as the culture of the state) and how it relates to the murder of Chris Lane.

Was Princess Diana murdered by the government? The Scotland Yard wants to know.

Alan Chwick and Joanne Eisen on jury nullification and ammo.

Jonathan Goodwin on the nineteenth century, the era of classical liberalism and the time of "arbitration and peace."

Michael Rozeff on why the global war on terror (GWOT) was a failure from the very beginning. A fuller explanation by Rozeff is this article.

Glenn Greenwald reports that the UK government is now leaking documents about itself. Good, right? Well, wrong. It's all just a scheme to make Greenwald and Snowden look like terrorists. Glenn Greenwald says: "The US government itself has constantly used this tactic: aggressively targeting those who disclose embarrassing or incriminating information about the government in the name of protecting the sanctity of classified information, while simultaneously leaking classified information prolifically when doing so advances their political interests." Just like the US government did when it leaked top-secret info on the raid on Osama bin Laden to Hollywood just so they can make some movies about it.

Using 10-gauge for self-dense? Not a good idea.

Russia Today reports that some ship unexpectedly came upon beachgoers in Russia.

America is just addicted to war, says Stephen Lendman.

Ben O'Neill on Internet fascism and the surveillance state, as headed by the National Socialist Apparachiks (NSA).

Airsoft guns are not just for kids; they're also for adults who want to learn the art of guns.

A 13-ft sea monster was just found in a beach in Spain, reports the Daily Mail.

Bob Taylor at Liberty Crier covers the post-congressional life of Ron Paul, his new think tank and his new channel.

Salon reports that Michael Hastings feared that his car could have been tampered with before he died.

CIA finally admits to masterminding the 1953 Iranian coup, reports Russia Today (RT).

The treacherous road Egypt is taking is reason enough for Washington to back off.

Julian Sanchez on why the NSA surveillance matters, even if you've got "nothing to hide."

Bob Murphy on an interesting narrative of the heliocentric theory vs. the church.

Sheldon Richman on the heroic Bradley Manning (who sadly wants to be known as "Chelsea Manning").

Politico releases a disheartening poll that half of Americans approve of NSA spying. If that weren't bad enough, read these reports from HuffPost and WaPo.

America's gunpoint nation-building is assessed by Gian Gentile, an Army colonel. 

Russia Today reports that Internet companies were paid millions by the NSA to spy on Americans and to cover all the costs. The Guardian is also covering this.

Ron Paul says in an interview with Larry King that Snowden and Manning should be treated as heroes and not traitors. RT's report is here.

Scott McPherson on the real injustice.

Steve Mariotti on Ludwig von Mises as an outcast in today's economic culture.

The Washington Times' editorial on camouflage cops and how militarization increases overkill.

The real reason why David Miranda was detained by the British authorities, as revealed by Bruce Schneier.

John Cochran on QE and the periphery.

General Al-Sisi is following Pinochet's steps, says Dr. Cesar Chelala

Thom Rainer on the real reason why millennials are leaving the church.

Dan Delzell on what millennials need from their parents and from church.

Max Lucado's war against despair

Sarah Skwire on Jane Austen as Austrian economist.

Albertos Benegas-Lynch, Jr. on selling classical liberalism.

Jeffrey Tucker on how the themes in popular culture point to a conscious awakening.

B. K. Marcus shows us that the actual story of Lady Liberty is far more intriguing and far more libertarian than what we are told. A companion article was published at the Libertarian Standard.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin's companion article to Paul Craig Roberts's "Humanity is Drowning in Washington's Criminality."