Friday, December 13, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (12-13-2013)

This is the Friday News Edition

Ilana Mercer on the truth about Nelson Mandela

Pat Buchanan asks whether the Senkakus is worth warring over.

Phillip Bagus shows the end of the paper money facade.

Hunter Lewis explains why Obamacare exchange policies are so bad.

Nebojsa Malic tells of the long retreat from Syria to Ukraine.

Sheldon Richman analyzes how 2016 will be for the corporate state.

Sheldon Richman analyzes the weakness of Mandela's radicalism.

Patrick Barron addresses the issue of quantitative easing (QE) and inflation.

Gary North on the grand illusion of Social Security

L. Neil Smith addresses the issue of same-sex marriage and involuntary servitude.

Sean Gangol addresses misconceptions about libertarianism.

Justin Raimondo looks at Max Blumenthal's new book Goliath.

Eric Peters looks at the bailout.

StoryLeak shows how the Kiev protests are influenced by the CIA.

It turns out that the American missing in Iran was on an unapproved mission.

Jonathan Goodwin gives his rejoinder to Phillip Bagus's piece.

Jacob Hornberger gives us a reminder to immediately lift the embargo on Cuba.

J. D. Tuccille gives some tips on turning a desk into a pharmaceuticals factory.

Conor Friedersdorf explains how Obama misled Chris Matthews on NSA surveillance.

Ryan Lizza exposes the state of deception within Obama's administration.

James Peron gives his obituary of Ayn Rand biographer Barbara Branden.

Samuel Eaton explores whether Robert Levison might have been a victim of a CIA faction fight.

Tom Mullen shows how statistics are irrelevant to the Second Amendment.

It turns out that the NSA is working with Canada's spy agency, the "Five Eyes."

America has now become a nation of "tent cities," according to a recent report.

Peter Brimelow talks on smoking.

Paul Rosenberg talks about how the enforcers planted the seeds for their own destruction.

Arturo Lopez-Levy shows how the U.S.'s cuba embargo makes diplomacy impossible.

Teo Ballve attacks the futile war on drugs.

Dan Gilmor comments on the patriotism of Edward Snowden.

Mark Sisson looks at the problems with the government's food pyramid.

Margaret Durst gives tips for natural calmness not brought to you through pills.

The Daily Mail reports on Nelson Mandela's memorial, with Obama in the picture.

Patrick L. Smith tells the truth: American exceptionalism is dead.