Thursday, April 10, 2014

The NOAH Movie Resource Page

The movie Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream) and starring famous movie star Russell Crowe in the titular role, has stirred up much controversy. The critics seem to like it a lot, and the film is getting plenty of glowing to good reviews, praising the creativity and what they see as good filmmaking.

However, in the Christian and religious community, there is much division. Many Christians consider it to be a good/great movie that succeeds both as a film and is compatible with the orthodox Christian faith despite the extrabiblical liberties and controversial changes. And others despise the film to the very core.

As for me, I personally I haven't seen the film, but I am finding validity on both sides of the issues. The haters seem to be right on with their complaints about certain bad changes that the movie makes, while the lovers of the film seem to make pretty decent arguments in favor of the film. And I don't exactly hold in favor some of the changes (from what I heard, the reason for the Flood was overpopulation, according to this film), but at the same time I will withhold judgment as to whether the film itself is bibilcal, not only because I haven't seen the film, but because much has already been said of the film elsewhere.

Also, I think both sides are in the wrong when bringing in personal attacks. Conservative Christians who hate the movie are wrong when they are accusing Noah fans of being immoral, godless hedonists and/or self-loathing Christians (in fact, I am pretty tired of this vitriol directed by them to Noah fans and defenders), and Noah defenders are wrong when they accuse all Noah skeptics of being bigots who can't appreciate good cinema (in fact, many people also hate Noah because they feel it is a bad film).

So here is my resource page on the movie, compiling lists that praise the movie, hate the movie (or don't want to support it due to the extrabiblical material) and are on the fence about it.

Note: This page won't be left uninterrupted and will be updated. When I see the film, I will publish my review of the film and maybe even more stuff on the film.

Introductory Material
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  14. Peter T. Chattaway responds to Brian Mattson's anti-Noah article.
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  21. An review of the film by a Christian
  22. Ian Huyyet. "There's at least one conservative Christian who liked NOAH"
  1. Barbara Nicolosi's review
  2. Answers in Genesis's page on Noah
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  4. Brian Godawa. "Deconstructing Noah's arc: Godawful storytelling" and "The subversion of God in Noah".
  5. Dr. Brian Mattson. "Sympathy for the devil"
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  7. Matt Walsh. "I'm a Christian and I think 'Noah' deserves four stars."
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  9. John Nolte. "'Noah' Review: Brilliantly Sinister Anti-Christian Filmmaking"
  10. Don Johnson. "How the NOAH Movie Dangerously Distorts The Truth About God"
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