Friday, January 17, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-17-2014)

Here is the Friday News Edition.

Michael Lotfi shows why Mark Levin is wrong on nullification.

Justin Raimondo asks if Mexico is coming undone.

T. Hunt Tooley shows how the interwar years created the modern world.

Nick Turse takes a look at America's secret war in 134 countries.

James E. Miller gives his solutions to fighting poverty.

Marc Clair interviews Professor Carlo Celli on the fascist economics of Mussolini.

Walter Block makes the case against minimum wage laws.

John Odermatt writes on the case of the D.C. cop charged with producing child porn.

Jacob Hornberger shows the immoral foundations of welfare statism.

Will Grigg makes the case that America's police statism may be worse than North Korea's.

Pat Buchanan looks at why the government is (rightly) held in contempt by Americans.

Julian Borger explains Israel's secret nuclear arsenal.

Frank Holmes takes a look at the risks of gold.

Would you like to know what the ten best countries for food are? The US isn't part of them.

Chris Eger makes the case for buying a home defense shotgun.

Liu Wei takes a look at another NSA whistleblower.

Dale Steinreich exposes a horrific way the medical cartel is going to treat sleep apnea.

Ann Marie Michaels exposes the dangers of flouride.

Sheldon Richman shows why violation of rights isn't the only bad thing.

Sheldon Richman argues against IP. Robert Wenzel responds.

Robert Murphy comments further on Krugman.

C. Jay Engel comments on conservatism and libertarianism.

Jordan Bruneau calls out the racist history of minimum wage laws.

David Sirota exposes yet another evil of the national-security state.

The Washington Post Editorial Board exposes yet another example of cronyism.

Ed Loomis explains the protections we really need.

Paul Rosenberg makes the case that the Scriptures are anti-government.