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Here is my list of resources, both Christian and libertarian, as well as a little bit from other political viewpoints. This is an expansion of an earlier post of mine. I do not always agree with everything said on these resources. I may disagree with some of the political viewpoints of some Christian resources. However, I find them to be very valuable to me. I will update them many times, and I will inform you as to any major changes that will be made. I collected some of the resources from the Humble Libertarian blogroll, their top 100 libertarian blogs and websites, and the LCC resources page.

Notes on the most recent revision.

Christian Resources

The Christian Post
Christianity Today
The Reformed Libertarian
Libertarian Christians (LCC)
Rapture Ready
Chuck Baldwin Live
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)
Cranach: the blog of Gene Edward Veith
WORLD Magazine
Barna Research
Pre-Trib Research Center
Koinonia House
Jack Van Impe Ministries (JVIM)
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Focus on the Family
Norman Geisler's Page
The Gospel Coalition
John Ankerberg
Christian Research Institute
Bible Gateway
Sonic Light
Dallas Theological Seminary
Presevero News
Think on These Things
Christian Forums
Christian Apologetics Research Ministries (CARM)
Living Waters Ministries
Lignoier Ministries
Sermon Audio
Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig
Think Christian
Kirk Cameron

Libertarian Resources & Organizations (LRC) (older website here)
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF)
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE): Ron Paul's organization
Libertarian Christians (LCC)
Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)
The Daily Paul
Tom Mullen's Blog
The Humble Libertarian
Campaign for Liberty (C4L)
Ilana Mercer's Page
The Independent Institute
The Acton Institute for Religion and Liberty
The Cato Institute
American Liberty Association (ALA)
Libertarians for Life
Liberty Classroom
Library of Economics and Liberty
Online Library of Liberty (OLL)
Liberty Fund
Economic Policy Journal (EPJ)
Tom Woods
Libertarian Papers
Libertarian Party (US)
Libertarian Alliance (UK) (here is the other website (Cato Institute's Project on Libertarianism)
Tenth Amendment Center (TAC)
The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS)
Capitalism Institute
International Society for Individual Liberty
Students for Liberty
Reason Magazine
The John Locke Foundation
Foundation for a Free Society (Jason Rink)
Revolution PAC
Liberty Magazine
Bastiat Institute
Molinari Institute
L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise
Laissez Faire Club (or Laissez-Faire Books (LFB))
Advocates for Self-Government
Center for a Stateless Society
Casey Research
Euro Pacific Capital
Schiff Radio (Peter Schiff)
Adam vs the Man (Adam Kokesh's website)
Strike The Root
The Rutherford Institute
Learn Liberty (The Institute for Humane Studies)
Freedomain Radio (Stefan Molyneux)
The Daily Bell
Bill Bonner's Diary of a Rogue Economist
Cop Block
We Are 1776
The Liberty Crier
Libertas Media Project (Brian Wilson)
Free Talk Live
Eric Peters Autos
The Libertarian Republic
Scott Horton Show
Pierre Lemieux (Old Blog) (New Blog)
Freedom Works
Larken Rose
The Corbett Report
The Libertarian
Ron Paul's Website
We Are Libertarians
Everything Voluntary
Attack the System
Speak Liberty NOW!
Freedom in the 50 States
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom (C4SIF)
School Sucks Project
The Libertarian Liquidationist
The Anarchist Notebook
Vulgar Libertarians
David Stockman's Contra Center
Free Is Beautiful

General Libertarian Blogs

Lew Rockwell Blog
Circle Bastiat (Mises Institute)
The Beacon (Independent Institute)
Jacob Hornberger's Blog (FFF)
Tom Woods
THL's Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites
What We Think and Why
The Libertarian Patriot
The Libertarian Republic
Libertarian Alliance Blog
Sean Gabb's Blog
Café Hayek
Cato Unbound
Barely a Blog (Ilana Mercer)
Libertarian Longhorns
Libertarian Standard
Economicharmonies (Joel Poindexter)
Coordination Problem
The Humble Libertarian
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
Skeptical Libertarian
Thoughts on Liberty: a discussion for women libertarians
The Daily Paul
Silver Circle Underground (Judge Andrew Napolitano) (Roderick T. Long's Homepage)
IFeminists (Wendy McElroy's homepage)
Free Association (Sheldon Richman's Blog)
Left Coast Rebel
Karen De Coster
Stephan Kinsella
Economic Policy Journal (EPJ)
Free Advice (Robert P. Murphy)
Hans Hoppe
Strike The Root
Tom Mullen's Blog
Pro Libertate (Will Grigg)
Gene Callahan's Blog
Alex Merced
Freeman's Perspective (Paul Rosenberg)
Scott Lazarowitz's Blog
Kevin Gutzman
Brion McClanahan
Jacob Huebert, author of LIBERTARIANISM TODAY
Lions of Liberty
Man Against the State
Bionic Mosquito (Jonathan Goodwin)
We Are 1776
Gary D. Barnett
Eric Peters Autos
Stress (Scott Horton's Blog)
Pierre Lemieux (Old Blog) (New Blog)
Peace Requires Anarchy
Mark Stoval's Blog
Fred on Everything (Fred Reed's Blog)
Freedomain Blog (Stefan Molyneux)
Larken Rose
Judy Morris Report
Local Boy
The Louisiana Libertarian
The Coffee Coaster (Brian Wright)
Ron Paul's Website
Liberty Minded
The Muskegon Libertarian
The Libertarian Chick
Voluntary Virtues
Cynical in New York
Attack the System
Notes on Liberty
Jeremy Hammond: Commentary on the Middle East
Simple Facts & Plain Arguments
The Libertarian Liquidationist
Vulgar Libertarians
Police State USA
Anarchist Notebook
Christopher Cantwell
Rollo McFloogle's Blog
Free Is Beautiful

Christian Libertarian Blogs

The Fountain of Truth (Doug Newman)
Food for the Thinkers (Doug Newman)
Libertarian Christians (LCC)
Reformed Libertarian
Acton Institute PowerBlog
Anthony Flood
Vox Popoli (Vox Day's blog)
Liberty Defense League
Liberty vs. Leviathan
Pro Libertate (Will Grigg)
Policy of Liberty (John Cobin)
Vance Publications (Laurence Vance)
Jason Rink
Living Loud (Doug Stuart)
Chalcedon Foundation Blog
Tea Party Economist (Gary North)
Joseph Sobran
Edmund Opitz Archive
Freeman's Perspective (Paul Rosenberg)
Foundations of Economics (Shawn Ritenour)
Seismic Mike
Nolan for Liberty
Bonnie Kristian
A True Progressive
The Libertarian Chick
Voluntary Virtues
Tom E. Snyder's Blog
Lysander Parks
Simple Liberty (Darrell Anderson's Blog)
Declination Blog
Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity
Milton Floyd
Life & Liberty
Free Is Beautiful
The Narrow Road (Pastor Shane Kastler)

Ron Paul Resources

Ron Paul's Website
Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE)
Campaign for Liberty (C4L)
The Daily Paul
Ron Paul Forums
The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
Ron Paul Curriculum
Ron Paul 2012 Podcast
Ron Paul's Weekly Podcast with Charles Goyette
Ron Paul Flix
Meet Ron Paul: website of the book MEET RON PAUL
The Ron Paul File
Ron Paul Channel

Conservative/Paleocon Resources

The American Conservative
The John Birch Society (JBS)
The New American
Pat Buchanan (also, see his archive at
Thomas Sowell
World Net Daily
The Blaze
David Franke
Chuck Baldwin Live
News With Views
Joseph Sobran
The Southern Avenger
Tom Dispatch
Dinesh D'Souza
Taki's Magazine
The Daily Caller
Jack Kerwick
The Liberty Conservative

Youtube Libertarian Channels

Token Libertarian Girl
Mises Institute Media
Tom Woods TV
Ron Paul
Campaign for Liberty
Future of Freedom Foundation
Liberty In Our Time
Learn Liberty
Adam Kokesh
The Alex Jones Channel
Stefan Molyneux
Minnesota Chris
Tom Mullen
Graham P Wright
Alex Merced

Alternative Media (Most of these alternative media outlets are libertarian; however, some of them might have non-libertarian perspectives) (LRC)
Prison Planet
Activist Post
Natural Society
The Economic Collapse Blog
The American Dream Blog
The Truth Blog
Drudge Report
The Altucher Confidential
Bill Bonner's Diary of a Rogue Economist
Cop Block
Crime, Guns, and Videotape
The Liberty Crier
Full Disclosure with Ben Swann
Truth in Media Project
Eric Peters Autos
The Art of Manliness
Boiling Frogs Post (Sibel Edmonds)
The Corbett Report
Larken Rose
Truthstream Media
Tom Woods Radio
Liberty Movement Radio

Foreign Media

Russia Today (RT)
Pravda (Russia)
The Guardian (UK)
The Daily Mail (UK)
The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Gun Resources
Gun Owners of America (GOA)
National Rifle Association (NRA)
American Rifleman
The Armed Citizen
Guns Save Lives
Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
John Lott's Blog
Armed Citizen Project
The Truth About Guns
Keep and Bear Arms
To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Arms
Gun Rights Archives at LRC
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)

Favorite Libertarian and Conservative Writers

Lew Rockwell
Ron Paul (Ron Paul File)
Murray Rothbard (The Rothbard Library and Resources)
Laurence Vance (also see his LRC archive)
Jeffrey Tucker (also see his archive at Laissez-Faire Books)
Tom Woods (also see his webpage)
Walter Williams
Ilana Mercer
Gary North
Norman Horn
Thomas DiLorenzo
Joseph Diedrich
Tom Mullen
Wes Messamore
Paul Craig Roberts (conservative)
C. Jay Engel
Andrew Napolitano
Ryan McMaken
Becky Akers
Karen Kwiatkowski
Karen De Coster
William L. Anderson
David Gordon
Pat Buchanan (conservative)
Ralph Raico
Walter Block
Stephan Kinsella
Jack Kerwick (conservative/libertarian?)
Anthony Gregory
Scott Lazarowitz (LRC archive)
Fred Reed (his website)

Manosphere/The Red Pill

Sunshine Mary
Return of Kings
TheRedPill Reddit

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