Friday, December 20, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (12-20-2013)

Here is the Friday News Edition of Letter of Liberty:

Alexander William Salter addresses the issue of whether government should stabilize the purchasing power of money.

Frank Shostak addresses the issue of psychology and bubbles.

John Odermatt addresses the abuse of Second Amendment rights to attack the Fourth Amendment.

Ilana Mercer gives an interesting perspective on the issue of apartheid South Africa and libertarianism.

Seismic Mike warns against statism mixed in the homeschooling business.

Kristin Tate shows how the recent Duck Dynasty controversy seems to be distracting people from the real issue.

Matt Welch on the death of Obama's noble lie

C. Jay Engel addresses the issue of foster care and statism.

Jacob Hornberger shows why federal spending is going up and up.

Catherine Frompovich reports on the tripling of kids on Rx drugs.

Brandon Turbeville shows that the case against the Big Pharma-corporate media complex is getting stronger and stronger.

Sheldon Richman gives his analysis of the pope's economics.

Laurence Vance deals with the controversial issue of porn and the First Amendment.

Logan Albright defends gift cards from an economic perspective.

Harriet Sherwood reports on Nelson Mandela's training from the Mossad.

Radley Balko on 2013 as safest year for cops

Joseph Sobran on the government of Jesus vs. the government of the world.

Pat Buchanan on the rise of anti-interventionism

Sam Staley writes on the libertarian subtext of The Hunger Games and its sequel Catching Fire.

Lee Shelton writes on Christmas.

Butler Shaffer explains why Scrooge might have been right and Dickens may have misguided.

Peter Schiff gives his take on the Federal Reserve policy statement.

Adrian Salbuchi reports on Arctic wars flaming up.

Eric Peters on Americans and driving

Conor Friedersdorf shows the dangers of reckless drone policy.

Mark Sisson gives his take on the holidays.

Harry Mount gives some tongue-twisters.

Mark Thornton reviews The Dao of Capital.

Brett and Kate McKay gives some tips on how to escape a sinking car.

Gaye Levy gives some holiday suggestions for backdoor survival.

C. Jay Engel on libertarianism and conservatism and what a Reformed Christian libertarian should think (Parts 1 and 2).