Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-14-2014)

Here is the Friday edition of the Letter of Liberty News Edition

Jim Cox takes the libertarian view of tax consumers, tax payers, and the "Cox box."

William Grigg asks what ever became of America.

Joseph Salerno looks at the Argentinian currency crisis and the lessons it holds for us.

Paul Joseph Watson makes the case that the State is a parasite, not a benefit, to society.

Paul Craig Roberts exposes the five Gestapo.

Michael Scheuer looks at another folly of our leaders.

Christina Sarich looks at another government evil.

Sergey Duz makes the case that war never solves anything.

David Stockman warns of a mass economic catastrophe that's coming

Paul Rosenberg gives his thoughts on the dangers of "free" services.

Sheldon Richman writes more on voting.

Gary North argues that Jay Leno did not have to leave The Tonight Show.

Justin Raimondo shows the Achilles heel of the surveillance state.

James E. Miller asks what's precisely wrong with high-frequency trading.

Victoria Henderson looks at why anti-sweatshop activists are in the wrong.

C. Jay Engel analyzes the battle cry of modern Christians.

Ilana Mercer has some words for the Obamacare apologists.

Michael Alford looks at the real St. Patrick.

Joseph Salerno responds to George Selgin.

William Hartung asks some questions about Obama's arms sales policy.

Medea Benjamin warns of the drones' seductive power.

JP Sottle looks at America's rekindling of friendship with France.

Andrew Napolitano looks at the attacks on free speech by the government.

Rev. Larry Beane II, SSP, defends Walter Block against the evil lies of the Loyola staff.

Jacob Hornberger looks at the changin' times.

Jeremy Daw gives his four favorite anti-drug war movies.

Scott McPherson exposes yet another gun-control failure.

John Odermatt exposes yet another gun-control supporter who falls into his own trap.

Richard Ebeling looks at the president's pride in his State of the Union address.

Pamela Constable and Scott Clement look at the Hispanic immigrants, who have the most faith in the American dream.

Lyla Rosen looks at Nick Turse's new Vietnam War book.

Conor Friedersdorf looks at the NSA and phone dragnets.

Michael Wilson looks at the economic legend Ludwig von MIses.

Mike Church looks at Jefferson, Burr, and Obama's hit list.

Don Boudreaux looks at the term "shared prosperity."