Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-10-2013)

Here is Tuesday's news edition of Letter of Liberty.

From Hiroshima to Nagasaki, the enemy whose name we dare not speak

Chris Rossini suggests we abolish all government economic data collection.

Mary Theroux on the difference between God and Congress

Anthony Gregory on the isolated War Party

Tom Mullen on how Putin's diplomacy is overshadowing Obama's war cries

Walter Williams to blacks: You don't have to stay poor.

Sean Thomas: Spare us the hypocrisy over chemical weapons, America. What about Agent Orange?

Peter Certo talks to those who are "on the fence" about Syria.

"Can this war be stopped?" asks Justin Raimondo.

Pat Buchanan on why America's saying 'No' to another Beltway war

Hunter Lewis on whether national food insurance might be next, along with Obamaschool

Peter Schiff on why anti-consumer airplanes are going broke

A Press TV report on the 10 chemical attacks that Washington ignores

Paul Craig Roberts on the rule of zombies

Laura Donnelly, health correspondent to The Telegraph (UK), on why listening to music is good for the heart

Cory Doctorow on why a dead man's switch is the only way to foil NSA sabotaging of encryption

James Ball, Glenn Greenwald and Julian Borger on how the US and UK governments sabotage Internet privacy

Radley Balko on how cops respond to protest

Who killed Greece? Anthony Papalas gives us the answer.

Jacob Hornberger commemorates the 40th anniversary of Chile's 9/11.

A USA Today editorial on why it's high time to rein in the surveillance state

Baltasar Garzón on why Chile's 9/11 represents a triumph of democracy over the forces of Pinochet

Patrick Barron on why letting Detroit residents work is the first step to making Detroit a free and prosperous city

Will Grigg on the "Pine Bluff PD"

Jeffrey Tucker on Bernard von NotHaus, the "domestic terrorist" who can be rightly considered a hero for freedom

C. Jay Engel on the solution to the military's anti-Christian crusade: leave in droves!

Apparently some are claiming that libertarians are "the new Communists." C. Jay Engel smashes the myth brilliantly.

Dan Delzell on when men fail to grasp the kindness of God

A Christian Post news report on the ten "Bible verses" that actually aren't in Scripture

Paul Rosenberg's recipe for heroes and saints

Justin Raimondo: We beat the War Party...for now.

Is Obama gutting the military? Laurence Vance on the truth

(Tough) Love Your Enemies

Blimey Cow just posted an insightful video for this week's Monday edition of the show. It's called "(Tough) Love Your Enemies." It gives you some food for thought to think on. Now, strictly speaking, the "love your enemies" command does not really necessitate strict pacifism, as Norman Horn has shown. However, it is a tough command that even I, as a Christian, can have a hard time following. Anyways, it is still a command.

So here is the video. Enjoy.