Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-28-2014)

Here is the Tuesday News Edition of Letter of Liberty:

C. Jay Engel gives his thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Yuri Maltsev explains the truth about the Tea Party.

James E. Miller exposes the fallacies of The New Republic.

Lew Rockwell gives his take on the New York Times's smear of libertarianism, Lew Rockwell, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Phil Girardi gives his take on Christian Zionism, Canada, and the lessons for us.

Ron Paul shows how the welfare-warfare state is disastrous for us.

Robert Higgs explains his experiences with Governer Stevens.

BK Markus shows the fundamental difference betweeen Batman and James Bond (both of whom I appreciate nonetheless).

Terence Kealey makes the case against "public" science.

Norman Solomon advises us to "strike the root" of the NSA.

Pat Buchanan asks whether John Kerry understands what he is doing.

Justin Raimondo explains the leftist backlash against the anti-NSA movement.

Will Grigg gives his take on the recent arrest of Justin Bieber.

Theodore Dalrymple gives some advice to those nostalgic for the State.

Laurence Vance takes a look at the hard questions of the drug war from a libertarian standpoint.

Robert Wenzel defends the Mises Institute against the smears from the New York Times and some libertarians.

Karen De Coster gives her take on the new Google Glasses phenomenon.

Walter Williams shows the problems of the hate-envy culture.

Harry Mount takes a lot on a delicious feud.

Larry Shannon-Missal, Harris Poll & Michelle Gosney expose the fraud that is the public school teacher complex.

The Daily Mail reports on the backlash against LED lights.

Max Slowik celebrates the 159th birthday of John Moses Browning, creator of the M1911 pistol.

Robert Wenzel takes a look at whether Mises really was a cosmopolitan or not, as some libertarians make him out to be.

Patrice Lewis exposes the follies of feminism.

Richard Ebeling gives his perspective on the speech Obama should deliver.

Per Bylund explains why economics is not ridiculous.

Jacob Hornberger takes a look at the situation in Egypt.

Joseph Stromberg looks again at the revisionist historian Gabriel Kolko.

Richard Esposito reports on new revelations by Edward Snowden.

Art Carden explains why Bitcoin matters.

Marina Olson shows how healthy eating can be encouraged without government.

Thomas Lucente shows why Americans should read Frederic Bastiat's "The Law".

George Gilder gives his recommendations for reading.

John Walsh contrasts the imperialism of "free" America with the prosperity of "pinko" China.

Lloyd Billingsley comments on Obama's road to serfdom.

Kristin Tate takes a look at the talking points one will certainly hear from Obama's State of the Union today.

Brian McWilliams exposes yet another police-state scheme.