Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-07-2014)

Here is the Friday News Edition of Letter of Liberty:

Christopher Westley gives his perspective on the danger of labor and energy regulations.

Gary North writes on Sophia Loren.

A German TV network interviews Edward Snowden (an interview which was "blacked out").

Robin Koerner explains the false dichotomy between freedom and security.

Eric Peters shows the tax-by-mile for what it is: another scheme to take money from taxpayers.

Michael Rozeff shows what "nation" really is.

Pratap Chaterjee explains the surveillance state's alliance with private corporations.

William Grigg exposes the real reason why SWAT teams exist.

Sheldon Richman explains why Ed Snowden is not a lawbreaker (with respect to the natural law).

Jesse Ventura goes "off the grid" to hide from the drones.

Elizabeth Renter gives 14 good foods and drinks that are optimal for health.

Pat Buchanan makes the case for non-interventionist conservatism.

Justin Raimondo warns of the coming Dark Age.

Max Borders writes on the rise of libertarianism and the left wing backlash.

Nebojsa Malic explains the "Lords of Chaos."

Ben Swann explains why Rand Paul's "economic freedom zones" are not a good idea.

Bryce McBride looks at what's in store for central banking.

Ash Navabi defends Austrian economics against neoclassical economics.

Sheldon Richman exposes the cruelty of voting idolatry.

Wendy McElroy exposes the immorality of state education.

Marjorie Cohn warns of yet another super-Orwellian statist evil.

Jeff Morley writes on RFK's opposition to the American embargo on Cuba.

Russell Brand exposes how the deceased actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a victim of the drug war.

Benjamin Weingarten takes a look at a 1940s speech that could serve as a rebuttal to Obama's SOTU.

Craig Drake cuts at the heart of the evil minimum wage.

Michael Kosares takes a look at the relation between gold and hyperinflation.

Josh Begley gives a map of US empire.

Robert Scheer looks at the three-decade failure of the Afghanistan War.

Sibel Edmonds looks at the "civilized" barbarism of the American nation.