Friday, September 13, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-13-2013)

Here is the Friday the 13th edition of the "News Edition" of Letter of Liberty.

Jacob Hornberger on why American opposition to Syria is a light in the darkness

Pat Buchanan says to give back the war-making powers to Congress.

Paul Craig Roberts on how Putin is taking the role of world leadership

Jack D. Douglas on how the CIA is pouring into Syria

C. Jay Engel points out that neither multilateralism nor unilateralism is the solution to our crisis of foreign policy; noninterventionism is.

Sheldon Richman on what really stopped Obama from starting his war on Syria (hint: it wasn't the Constitution)

William Norman Grigg on law enforcement's war on women

Scott Lazarowitz: More Amerika 2013

In case you just bought your first gun (be it a Glock or a Colt 1911), you may be wondering "Now what?"

James Altucher on the power of "No."

Walter Block on the vicious prosecution by the State of Christian photographers who refuse to photograph same-sex weddings

Mark Thornton on why only the Austrian business-cycle theory can explain booms and busts

Ryan McMaken: Who are the real anarchists?

Robert Fisk: Once Washington made the Middle East tremble—now no one there takes us seriously.

Alternet gives us ten shocking examples of innocents killed in drug raids

David Kravets on the six whopping misstatements about NSA spying

Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Edwan McAskill expose the American government's sharing raw data with the Israeli government.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Cuba Five arrests, a gross US injustice.

Jeff Tucker on lot lizards, sexism and the free market

Justin Raimondo on Vladimir Putin as peacemaker

Tom Engelhardt and Peter Van Buren: What if Congress says 'No' on Syria?

The State seems to have a serious gambling addiction, shows John Odermatt.

C. Jay Engel on price inflation illusions.

Why do you think that price inflations are higher than what the government says? Robert Wenzel gives the answer.