Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-24-2013)

Here is Tuesday's News Edition.

Fred Reed takes an inside look at the defense industry.

A Russian analysis on what stops the American government from bombing Syria

Pat Buchanan asks whether Iran is the Fourth Reich. He says it is not.

"China on Trial": An Article by Justin Raimondo

David Gordon on why America's current economy is not a free market

Jonathan Goodwin on the isolationist American foreign policy

Jacob Hornberger on the murder of Frank Teruggi

Sheldon Richman on the roots of Kenyan massacre in America's Somalia policy

Steve Mariotti on saving the Ludwig von Mises Papers

Walter Williams on honesty and trust in the free market

James Altucher on the lies we tell ourselves

John Whitehead on the real purpose of Common Core

Ron Paul on how the Internet sales tax could crush small businesses

Jon Rappoport on how psychiatry targets college students for destruction

Michael Snyder gives us the truth about QE.

Marc Clair on America's most insidious export

John C. Goodman on the good, bad and ugly of the GOP's healthcare plan

Brian McWilliams shows us that the mouth of Brazilians has something to teach America about freedom.

Michael Lotfi on the top ten moments in conservative history

When the state floods the zone, reform is dead.

Ludwig von Mises has some words for Pope Francis.

Where are all the female libertarian economists?

Jeff Tucker on how corporate America is going off the grid

Libertarian philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe says that Bitcoin isn't money.

Jonathan Goodwin warns the Pope not to decry the wrong evil.

Robert Wenzel on the commie pinko about to be NYC mayor