Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-03-2013)

Here is the first September News Edition of Letter of Liberty.

Paul Rosenberg on the six groups that will benefit from a war with Syria

Daniel McCarthy on why the war on Syria might promote the proliferation of WMDs

Anthony Gregory on the twisted premises implicit in the drive for war with Syria

Robert Wenzel gives us ten Murray Rothbard articles in order to give us economics in ten lessons.

Chris Rossini on the fact that the wrong questions are being asked about fast-food wages

This week's Mondays with Murray edition deals with Rothbard's views on the use of torture; it seems that he had some contradicting views on them; in his masterpiece The Ethics of Liberty, Rothbard held that while torture is generally unacceptable, the police should be exonerated if in fact torture did reveal the truth about a crime; however, in his manifesto For A New Liberty, Rothbard seemed to oppose any compulsion regarding crime from the criminal.

Chris Mayer on Syria and the perpetual war economy

Gary Galles on how the state destroys social cooperation

Marc Clair on how libertarian ideas are gaining steam, evident in the fact that even the neocon warmonger John Bolton seems to oppose the war on Syria

Paul Craig Roberts on how Obama is trying to get Congress to approve of his war

Paul Huebl on why left-liberals were mistaken and are mistaken about Obama

James Tracy on the century-old White House tradition of lying people into foreign war

Did you know that coconut oil has 160 uses?

Paul Schwennesen on a free-market solution to the food-safety problem

Jacob Hornberger on perpetual chaos and crises

Edward Group on eight facts about sauna

Richard Ebeling: Why Not Privatize Foreign Policy?

An editorial from The Freeman on hacking the Leviathan

Glenn Jacobs, otherwise known as the wrestler Kane, shows us that the real divide in America is between the people and the government. This was the view of the classical liberals, that there was a class conflict between the productive and the exploitative classes, not the Marxist theory of rich vs. poor.

C. Jay Engel on why apathy is the norm

Ron Paul on why it doesn't matter whether Congress approves of Obama's war plans or not