Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (11-29-2013)

Here is the Friday Edition of the news.

Doug Newman tells militarists to fight and then talk about PTSD (n.b.: he is not advocating joining the military, but rather he is arguing against neocon warmongers).

Justin Raimondo explores the steamy relationship between sex and the NSA.

Scott Lazarowitz gives some holiday weekend reading.

Sheldon Richman on why government is the problem.

Paul Rosenberg talks on Bitcoin and the "purity police."

Ron Paul writes on how salvation from interventionism for America might come from an unlikely place.

Matt McCaffrey and Carmen Dorobat writes on inflation, shortages, and social democracy in Venezuela.

Frank Keating, a Reagan Republican, makes the Republican case for immigration reform.

Felicity Arbuthnot on the secret history of America's chemical weapons

Dawood Ahmed shows how the drone apologists are as deadly as the drones themselves.

Edward Curtin reveals James W. Douglass's famous book JFK and the Unspeakable (which is loved very well in libertarian circles and which I will read in the future).

Brian Bender and Neil Swidey explore Robert F. Kennedy's perception of conspiracy in the JFK assassination.

Medea Benjamin analyzes the tragic and harrowing effects of the American government's drone policy.

Dan Delzell explains why the sin of unbelief (regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ) "robs you blind."

Famed Christian pastor Timothy Keller waxes poetic about the joys of sex in marriage.

Robert Wenzel refutes the anti-freedom nonsense parroted by Pope Francis (which is the result of confusing the free market with crony capitalism).

Robert P. Murphy argues that the critics of Black Friday, however noble their intentions, are blowing things out of proportion.

James Corbett argues that Jeremy Scahill's acclaimed documentary Dirty Wars might not be telling the whole story.

Paul Joseph Watson responds to Jeremy Scahill's accusation of Alex Jones as an idiot.

Doug French on how "ballot box charity" is hurtful

If you are a gun owner and want to improve your shooting skills (without firing a shot), here are some tips.

Daisy Luther gives her snow storm warning.

Mark Sisson gives his recipe for bacon pancakes.

Charles Hugh Smith on the lie of free lunch (and free debt)

Joseph Mercola gives his tips on combatting depression.