Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-04-2014)

John Cochran shows the true legacy of Ben Bernanke.

Justin Raimondo responds to Cass Sunstein's paranoid attack on libertarianism.

Walter Williams addresses the problem of public schoolteacher cheating.

James Miller shows who is really idiotic (it's not libertarians).

Pat Buchanan addresses the problem of mobocracy which might infect Ukraine (not to say that a total state would be great).

Brian Terrell looks at yet another police state evil.

Jim Lobe exposes the evil of AIPAC.

Mitchell Plitnick shows yet another lack of support for the two-state solution among Americans.

Phil Girardi exposes yet another croynist scheme of the exploitative class.

Ron Paul exposes how the USG caused and provoked the new al-Qaeda problem.

Karen Kwiatkowski shows how statism is truly paranoid.

Eric Peters gives his perspective on journalism in Amerika.

Russ Baker looks at the negative results that the execution of Dzohkar Tsarnaev might bring about.

John Whitehead asks if we need yet another cultural and political revolution 50 years after the Beatles.

A former TSA agent exposes the issues with TSA scanning.

Top Guardian photographers say "Happy 100th Birthday" to the German Leica, one of the greatest cameras in the world.

Chris Ferreira asks whether doctors can fix poverty or not.

Paul Rosenberg addresses the issue of German gold and the Amerikan government.

The housing market is just distorted.

Scott Lazarowitz exposes the relation between the blood cult of statism and the sexual revolution.