Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-11-2014)

Here is the Tuesday Letter of Liberty News Edition

Will Grigg on Henry Magee, John Quinn, and the right to resist unjust arrests

Phil Girardi muses on the art of American scaremongering.

Tom Woods talks with Anthony Gregory about libertarianism and the Left-Right paradigm

James E. Miller reflcets on the president and the nuclear bomb.

David Howden writes more on the Sochi Olympics.

Justin Raimondo exposes the Sochi coverage for what it is: more propaganda.

Kelly Vlahos writes on John Kiriakou's imprisonment.

Chase Madar argues against arming Israel.

Logan Albright makes the case against socialized law.

David Howden gives his requiem for Bernanke.

Laurence Vance shows the way to dismantling the American empire.

Pat Buchanan looks at the prospects for the welfare state.

Scott Lazarowitz asks what is going on with rulers these days.

Robert Wood looks at the phenomenon of Americans renouncing their citizenship.

Paul Huebl looks at the ID of the police state.

Benjamin Wiegold makes the case that endangered animals can be dealt with in a free, private-property society.

Laurence Vance explains why not to "walk in the shoes of a soldier."

Walter Williams explains there is no real poverty, only dependence.

D. W. Mackenzie explains the tragedy of the commons in light of the recent healthcare fiasco.

Richard Fulmer gives his thoughts on several economic issues.

Jeffrey Overstreet reviews The LEGO Movie.

Steven Greydanus also reviews The LEGO Movie