Friday, March 7, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-07-2014)

Ben O'Neill explains how the NSA made legal defense "illegal."

Sheldon Richman explains the libertarian theory on "work."

John Williams explains how a Russian dollar dump can impact the financial system.

Pat Buchanan warns of a cold war and the idiotic comparisons of the current Ukraine situation to the Cold War.

Theodore Dalrymple condemns UNICEF.

Richard Daughty explains that the FED is dedicated to enriching bankers at your expense.

Seamus Milne explains the real cause behind the clash in Ukraine: US intervention.

It seems that a reporter found the real name of Bitcoin creator.

John Robles and David Shayler explain why the Ukraine crisis was fomented by the US and why it wasn't really popular.

Jeremy Anderberg: College may not be necessary for everyone.

Julia Smith looks at John Yudkin, an anti-sugar advocate who argued that sugar was dangerous.

Connecticut gun owners are challenging Connecticut legislators to enforce their anti-gun laws.

Steffani Jacoby gives his top ten list of geniuses with weird habits.

Joseph Mercola explains that good oral hygiene can prevent cancer.

Jacob Hornberger explains the relevance of the CIA's spying on Congress.

Thorsten Polleit explains the real cause for the bust and how the credit money system worsens it.

David Howden looks at a fractional-reserve banking case with Bitcoin.

The Anarchist Notebook explains that Obamacare should be totally abolished.

John Goodman gives politicians a lesson in bailouts.

Logan Albright gives some interesting thoughts on a gambling case that the Supreme Court intends to hear.

James E. Miller explains why some people just don't get it regarding liberty.

Jonathan Carp explains the damage to Ukraine colonialism has done.

Clarence Carson gives his thoughts for a rebirth of liberty.

Andrew Sullivan explains the CIA's desire for control.

Ryan McMaken condemns the politicization of the water problem in the American West.

Margaret Power reviews J. Practice McSheery's book Predatory States.

Michael Hirsh and James Oliphant: Obama will never end the war on terror.

Jeremy Scahill comments further on Obama's "dirty wars."