Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Retrospective

For this New Year, I decided to do a retrospective article that will reflect on the goodness of God to me and also pivotal events in my life that relate to me.

1. 2013 was the year I discovered libertarianism and found out that it was indeed compatible with Christianity. I discovered resources that showed the glories of libertarian theory and polity and how it was consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with Christian doctrine.

2. 2013 was the year I started to read a little more on economic theory and decided to learn some economic material.

3. 2013 was the year I got to taste the Peter Luger steak.

4. 2013 was the year God gave me an opportunity, however brief, to write for The Reformed Libertarian.

5. 2013 was the year I made my first roast goose for Christmas.

6. 2013 was the year I discovered libertarian historical revisionism, which tells the truth about history from a libertarian perspective and shows things that are often distorted and/or conveniently ignored by the conventional scholars and the media.

7. 2013 was the year I read two Charles Dickens's novels: A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations (which I am in the process of reading).

8. 2013 was the year God blessed me with another year of my life and showed His grace to me and blessed me with many opportunities to sing, to meet new people, to share the Gospel at the Street Fair, to have conversations, and also to have this blog maintained. 

Letter of Liberty News Edition (New Year's Eve Edition)

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