Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-04-2014)

Ron Paul explains why Hagel's "defense cuts" are fake.

Phil Girardi explains more evil from AIPAC and the War Party.

Lawrence Reed interprets the minimum-wage debate through the Socratic lenses.

James Miller writes from the perspective of Cass Sunstein.

Pat Buchanan gives his road to peace: ignore the War Party.

Walter Williams: Black politicans are deceiving black people.

Robert Wenzel exposes more pro-Israel nonsense from Jack Lew.

Laurence Vance explains why so many constitutionalists are drug warriors.

Robert Bridge: American government wreaking havoc where it intervenes

M. D. Creekmore gives tips on how to avoid being a victim of crime.

Michael Deacon exhorts men to embrace beards.

Joseph Mercola: Vitamin C and iron can reduce risk of stroke.

Hestie Gerber explains ten mysteries of great civilizations.

Gary Galles explains the situation of labor unions and the freedom of association.

Jonathan Goodwin explains more of Stalin's role in WWII.

John Odermatt: Obama nominates pro-SOPA lobbyist, the NYPD says it has no obligation to protect you, and John Kerry is a complete hypocrite

Richard Ebeling explains the Austrian economic theory in refutation of Obama-ism and Marxism.

Is America really a safe haven as some assert?

Jonathan Goodwin explains Ukraine and the shifting orbit.

John Glaser and Scott Horton contrast libertarianism with the Empire.

Jacob Hornberger explains the differences between private data collection and government data collection.

Hunter Lewis explains the recent USG-Apple decision.

Ryan McMaken looks back at the Iraq War from a libertarian perspective.

Dustin Walcher reviews J. Patrice McSherry's new book on Operation Condor.

Dave Lindroff condemns the US government for hypocrisy regarding Russia.

Brendan O'Neill: The US government, not Russia, has acted irresponsibly.

Edward Walker explains that Russia's new move is in fear of NATO.

Doug Bandow: End the drug war. The American people are not enemies of law and order.

Left-anarchist Noam Chomsky explains how "security" concerns and state power relate to one another.

Nicole Goeser explains how the war on guns hurt her husband.

Hina Shamsi exposes Obama for the lies he told to the American people.