Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some Theological Topics To Write About (UPDATED)

Dear readers of Letter of Liberty:

In my post "I'm Back!," I promised that I would deal with theological and spiritual issues alongside libertarianism and politics. But there are so many topics out there that I don't know what exactly to pick. So I decided to create a schedule for Theological Friday, the day where I write an article dealing with theological issues and spiritual topics and how they apply to society and to individuals.

So, my first article for that day would be about the meaning of Christmas, Scripture, and the proper Christian attitude towards it.

UPDATE: My intended article for today, "The Meaning of Christmas," is delayed, for I didn't finish it by today. So it will be up on either Monday or Tuesday.

Letter of Liberty News Edition (12-03-2013)

Here is the Tuesday edition of Letter of Liberty.

James E. Miller explains to the pope why laissez-faire capitalism is good and statism is not.

Jonathan Goodwin explains the folly of Larry Sommers's "populist" economics.

Karen De Coster smashes the "equal opportunity" militarism that female soldiers participate in.

Logan Albright explains the fallacy of "science."

Mark Thornton explains hemp.

Jeffrey Tucker exposes the catastrophic central planning of Obamacare.

Walter E. Williams writes on the relationship between blacks and our current president.

Kelly B. Vlahos explains how Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, is no ordinary puppet.

Ron Paul explains why the American government can negotiate with Iran.

Kate Randall explains how employers' canceling of healthcare plans will shift the costs to workers.

Radley Balko explains the police-industrial-entertainment complex.

Carl Bernstein writes an open letter to Alan Rusbridger, as Rusbridger prepares to appear before MPS over Snowden leaks.

Jacob Hornberger gives an important message.

Richard Ebeling explains the menace and immorality of welfare statism.

James Bovard shows how food stamps lead to obesity.

Wendy McElroy shows that "libertarian paternalism" is an oxymoron, despite what Cass Sunstein claims.

Frank Hollenbeck warns us of hyperinflation by showing us the problems that plagued revolutionary France.

Paul Rosenberg shows why Gary North is wrong about Bitcoin.

Robert Wenzel shows how Pope Francis is wrong about free markets (plus an interesting discussion in the comments section).

Glenn Reynolds explains why the TSA should be abolished.

Jacob Hornberger shows how racist the minimum wage laws and the war on drugs really are.

Oliver Stone talks on untold history (warning: some leftist content).

Gary North shows how Detroit can have resurrection through its bankruptcy.

Laurence M. Vance writes on what Erasmus had to say about just war.

Brian McWilliams comments on the IRS's targeting of Obamacare critics.

Dave Hodges shows the real truth about who wrote Obamacare.

Thomas Sowell writes on IQ and the welfare state.

Scott Lazarowitz shows how freedom can solve the problem of homelessness.

Scans show that male and female brains are wired differently.

Joseph Mercola shows that tree nuts are beneficial to one's health due to healthful fats loaded in them.

Gavin McInnes gives 12 tips for proper bar etiquette (N.B.: some foul language).

Dan Delzell shows how self-confidence and self-criticism are twins.

Paul Rosenberg makes the case that we should emulate the hippies in this one way.