Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-18-2014)

Here is the Tuesday Edition of Letter of Liberty

John Cochran explains why GDP measuring leads to more government. Jonathan Goodwin also builds up on Cochran's analysis.

James E. Miller argues that conservatism shouldn't be ditched.

Hunter Lewis gives his thoughts on Obama's new Fed appointees.

Laurence Vance exposes the craziness of anti-discrimination legislation, especially in the strange form it has taken.

Richard Ebeling distinguishes Ukranian and Russian nationalism from self-determination and individualism.

Bill Sardi argues for the use of garlic as a medicine.

Jim Sinclair argues that sanctioning Russia is a very big mistake.

John Whitehead gives his thoughts on the Second Amendment and makes a civil libertarian case for gun rights.

Russia Today reports on Venetian secession from Italy and Roman domination. 

Ron Paul argues for equality under natural law in his analysis of new surveillance-related complaints.

Michael Rozeff argues against the folly of Obama's sanctions and argues against making Crimea's referendum illegal.

Ron Paul makes the case for non-intervention with regards to the recent Crimean secession.

Eric Owens analyses the call to jail the deniers of climate change theory by a professor. Tom DiLorenzo also gives some thoughts.

Jack Douglas looks at the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Daisy Luther looks at terror drills and public schooling (and why they are a bad idea).

Gaye Levy and Joe Alton give their tips on survivial medicine.

Elizabeth Renter: Napping is good for you.

Brandon Engel: Is Google a friend or enemy of liberty?

Pat Buchanan: Is Putin really irrational?

Phil Girardi gives his thoughts on Ukraine.

Kevin Carson reviews The End of Power, a book by Moises NaĆ­m.

Jacob Hornberger exposes the Argentinian government inflation scam.

Sheldon Richman contrasts liberty and warfare statism.

Gene Healy looks at the disaster that is the U. S. government's intervention in Libya.

Jack Matlock analyzes U. S. war policy since the end of the Cold War.

David Shellenberg: Tear down free trade barriers uniaterally!

Dan Froomkin reports on the alleged death of a license-tracking device and why reports may be exaggerated.

Kurt Schmoke: The drug war is futile and only grown more so.

Kelly Vlahos gives some thoughts on Afghanistan based on a "surge skeptic."

Winston Wheeler looks at America's trillon-dollar national security budget.