Friday, September 12, 2014

Anand Venigalla at LibertyFest NYC!

Letter of Liberty's host, Anand Venigalla, will be speaking at the LibertyFest in New York City!

He will discuss on how he, a homeschooled teen, went from a conservative Christian to an anarcho-capitalist Christian, the ideological ups and downs he faced, and how he learned to reconcile his faith with his libertarianism.

Discount Code is VENIGALLA. Registration is here.

The event takes place at Warsaw Hall in Brooklyn, NY. The host is Ian Cioffi, and speakers would include Tom Woods, Jeffrey Tucker, Robert Murphy, Tatiana Moroz, Derrick Broze, Marcel Fontaine, Stephan Kinsella, Gary Johnson, Scott Horton, Kevin Gutzman and others.