Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rollo McFloogle Linked to My Blog

Rollo McFloogle, a libertarian Christian, linked to my blog on his blog: http://mcfloogle.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/romans-13-and-the-contradiction-of-the-christian-statist/

He directed his readers to my blog and I would like to thank him for doing so.

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-11-2014)

C. Jay Engel explains how ideology is a good.

David Howden comments on inside-betting laws.

James E. Miller takes on the issue of "academic freedom."

Christopher Manion attacks the TSA.

Chris Casey puts the paradox of thrift and the wealth effect in perspective.

Walter Williams shows the benefits of the rule of law over rule of men.

Gary North gives some of his experiences with photography.

John Whitehead warns of the "great evil" of putting people in jail for filming cops.

Ryan McMaken explains that the "great" transcontinental railroad system was evil.

Justin Raimondo gives a speech on the conservative movement and the State of Israel.

Ron Paul explains that intervening in Ukraine is not worth it.

Jonathan Goodwin exposes more Rand Paul neocon stuff.

Three years later, all is not well in Fukushima, according to New Indian Express.

Jim Willie explains that the Ukraine situation is in part composed of USG's desperation to save the U. S. dollar.

Malaysia Airlines's new flight should cause us to rethink "black boxes," says Stephen Trimble.

It turns out that there were some Jews fighting for Hitler, surprisingly.

Peter Hitchens seeks to set the record straight on Russia.