Saturday, July 6, 2013 Is Now Updated (LRC), the No. 1 libertarian site and one of the greatest libertarian websites out there for those who are looking for quality libertarian content, has now been updated, with a whole different look from the original as we knew it.

It has been transformed from here:

to here:

I am going to have difficulty updating some of the links I posted to, as those were from the older website, which I much prefer. So, in time, the hosts will have all the resources up there; I just need to update my links to the website.

The old site is stored at

Sorry for any inconveniences you might have when you follow the link to an LRC article. 

I will try to relink the articles from LRC and correct the original links. 

Meanwhile, here are some tips to try to read the old articles in the old website:

1. Go to

2. Use any previous LRC URL and add 'archive.' at the beginning in replacement of 'www.' or just add 'archive.' if 'www.' is non-existent.

3. When you see a URL in the 'archive.' webpage (such as, copy it and add it after 'archive.'

4. Voila! You have the articles.

For more information on what's purpose is, I recommend that you read this piece from Lew Rockwell himself that outlines the principles of LRC.