Friday, January 3, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-03-2014)

To celebrate this New Year, I decided to compile the first News Edition of the year.

Michael Alford comments on edifying.

Marc Abela talks about Austrian economics and interventionism in Japan.

Giovanni Birindelli gives some advice on clearing the public debt.

Greg Simon comments on the potential of Nicaragua. 

Tom Mullen debunks Obamacare.

William Norman Grigg comments on yet another case of police brutality.

Sheldon Richman makes the case against the contraception mandate. 

Jacob Hornberger condemns coercion unto goodness.

Ilana Mercer attacks Obama's assault on the Constitution.

Justin Raimondo demands an unconditional pardon for Edward Snowden. 

Duck Dynasty launches it own range of guns. 

Peter Schiff talks about gold investing.

Laurence Vance reviews Fr. Robert Sirico's Defending the Free Market.

Andy Sirkis visits a Japanese memorial to war and militarism. 

Wendy McElroy writes today on cultural imperialism.

Scott Lazarowitz shows that secession and decentralization will eventually win.

Charles Goyette comments on the mystery of gold.

Chris Rossini gives some tips for the advancement of liberty.

Benjamin Wiegold shows how the war on (some) drugs makes people less safe in the long run.

Paul Joseph Watson reports on the United States government's purchasing of potassium iodine.

It seems that America was voted 2013's biggest threat to world peace.

It seems that cities may become smarter and games might become bigger in the year of 2014.

James Smith shows that it's not only our phone calls that our government is listening.

Thieves are using "mystery gadgets" to hijack cars. Michael Snyder writes on this phenomenon.