Friday, June 7, 2013

IRS Spent $50 Million of Taxpayers' Money on Hotels, Star Trek Videos, Squirting Toys

So reports Stoyan Zamov at the Christian Post:

"The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is apologizing today after lawmakers tore into the organization for spending $50 million in taxpayer money on lavish conferences, hotel rooms, spoof videos and trinkets like squirting fish toys."

So this is where our tax dollars are going; politicians enjoy luxury, all at our own expense, when we are plagued with growing statism, trillions of dollars in debt, a massive welfare state, and other things that will encroach upon our liberties!

Ron Paul was correct in asserting that the IRS's job is to violate our liberties. The libertarian solution, which Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell hold, is this: abolish the IRS and the income tax, and replace it with nothing.

UPDATE (6/19/2013): In the post, I forgot to mention this crucial aspect: why did they do this? Because they don't want to lose their money, they feel the need to spend it on themselves. My solution to this is that while we definitely need to end the IRS and abolish the income tax, we also need to change hearts and minds. We need to remind them that spending should not be done to get or keep something. If we forget to do this crucial step, all our efforts will have been for nothing.

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