Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Disney's 1943 Anti-Nazi Cartoon: "Education for Death"

Years ago, during WWII, Walt Disney released a brilliant short film entitled "Education for Death: The Making of a Nazi," which explored the Nazification of children since their very birth. Gary North comments that "this Disney cartoon goes beyond wartime propaganda. It raises the question of the legitimacy of tax funded education in general." This cartoon, in my opinion, transcends the simplistic propaganda of Frank Capra's Why We Fight and explores a far deeper message on the dangers of government education that most of the viewers of this cartoon failed to recognize. 

Isn't this cartoon similar to the American education system? Karen De Coster comments: "It's funny how applicable this propaganda is today, right here at home, eh?" Notice the similarities between the Nazification of education and the public school education of today. In our schools, we have an official version of history that precludes any sort of revisionism (except, of course, when revisionism benefits the establishment). Here are some of the myths: capitalism caused the Great Depression, FDR saved capitalism, nullification and secession are evil, Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest leaders of all time, the Civil War was all about slavery, discrimination is evil, the medieval period was entrapped in flat-earth theory, public education is good and so on. On capitalism and the Great Depression, see Murray Rothbard's 1959 letter to the William Volker Fund. On FDR and capitalism, see here. On the issue of nullification, see here. On Abraham Lincoln, see the King Lincoln archives at LewRockwell.com (LRC). The articles in this archive would explode your thinking on Lincoln. Also, on whether the South was all about slavery, I would refer you to the 10th chapter in historian Thomas E. Woods's book 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask, which I am in the process of reading. On discrimination, see here. On the flat-earth theory and medieval history, see here, and on public education, see Murray Rothbard's monograph Education: Free and Compulsory. For more information on the lies in public schools, see Listverse's list, particularly #6, which reminds us that Abraham Lincoln was not the Great Emancipator we all thought him to be. Also, for more information on public schooling in general, I would refer you to the work of John Taylor Gatto

Here is the film. Enjoy.

Note: Some of the German in the short film is not subtitled or translated. 

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