Monday, August 19, 2013

1972 vs. 2013: How to Serve A Warrant

Over at, Lt. Harry Thomas contrasts the serving of warrants in 1972 and today.

Says Thomas:

"This past week I was over on trying to convince some hot-headed, patriot-hating young cops that the Constitution is actually the law of the land. I failed. One of them refers to open carriers as “attention whores.” I was denounced as a traitor to law enforcement for insisting that gun owners actually have rights that LEO’s are legally and morally bound to respect.

"It got me thinking about the great gulf that separates the law enforcement profession that I knew as compared to the one that exists today. I never thought I’d be one of those geezers that says, “I just don’t understand this younger generation today!” But the fact is, I am, and I don’t.

Take the time to read this insightful piece and enjoy it.

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