Thursday, August 29, 2013

How The "Great Boom" Will Change the World

Paul Rosenberg at Freeman's Perspective (one of my favorite blogs) has given us a fine article today on how the "great boom" will in actuality bring about a golden age. Rosenberg reminds us, "The great golden age is upon us. We haven’t seen it because we’ve been looking at the wrong things and in the wrong directions. Regardless, it is here. It has been building for some time and it is ready to break out. And it will break out as soon as enough of us start acting in support of the golden age, rather than accepting its delay. Yes, I know that it doesn’t remotely seem like a golden age is here. We have overwhelming bills, we are working more hours than we can really handle, and we are stressed to the point of illness. Please place this thought aside for a moment; I will explain it below. Before that, I want to give you an idea of what the golden age will be like. It is important for us to look ahead, so we can see where we are going and to make some sense of the current situation. As I worked on this issue, an old passage from the book of Isaiah kept leaping to mind; it beautifully describes the arrival of a golden age. Here’s the part that relates to us now:
Go through the gates, prepare the way of the people. Cast up, cast up a highway, gather out the stones, lift up a standard for the people.
Regardless of who Isaiah had in mind, this is an excellent summation of what we must do to set our golden age free. So, let’s step outside of the gates – outside of the city – outside of the televised script – and take a fresh look at what lies before us.
Here are the fifteen ways the world will change, explored in detail in the actual article:
  1. An immediate and massive increase in prosperity.
  2. Massive growth in the gas and oil businesses.
  3. New security and commercial adaptations.
  4. Many more, and better, industry associations.
  5. Unregulated professions provide more and cheaper services.
  6. Marginal operations will become more viable.
  7. Maximization is no longer necessary.
  8. Self-help and charity organizations spring up.
  9. Private vendors are free to sell whatever they like.
  10. The War on Drugs vanishes, and rich monsters with it.
  11. Insurance and bonds
  12. Schooling will be radically changed
  13. The return of the middle class
  14. The return of fine craftsmanship
  15. Barnstorming and dinner clubs return

Now, Paul Rosenberg doesn't claim that all will be perfect. And neither do I. However, whatever inconvenience arises will only be but a minor thing compared to the wonderful benefits that arise.

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