Thursday, August 15, 2013

Revisiting the Classics: First Edition

Today, dear readers, I will decide to revisit the classics on libertarianism by some of our best voices in the liberty movement, from past to present.

I will be doing this every Thursday, and I will be collecting them from old reprints, old magazines, and other sources. This edition will even include excerpts from books on libertarianism.

And not only that, this edition will contain some instant modern-day classics, including from our very own year: 2013.

Today's edition to revisiting classic articles on libertarianism is here:

"Myth and Truth About Libertarianism" by Murray N. Rothbard: Originally a 1979 paper presented at the national meeting of the Philadelphia Society in Chicago, and then a 1980 article in Modern Age, this classic article is vitally important for those who want to understand the whole idea of libertarianism, the myths surrounding it, and the defenses given by libertarians.

"Why Be Libertarian?" by Murray N. Rothbard: Originally published in the Autumn 1966 issue of Left and Right, this classic article explains the true purpose of libertarianism in today's world: a commitment to the abolition of injustice through radical means.

"The Miraculous Market" by Leonard E. Read: A classic defense of free-market capitalism from one of the twentieth century's greatest minds, Leonard E. Read. It was originally published in The Free Market and Its Enemies. It is an excellent companion article to the masterpiece that is "I, Pencil." The Mises Institute has compiled many of Leonard Read's books for free download.

"Freedom of the Press" by Ludwig von Mises: An excerpt from his book The Anti-Capitalist Mentality (which is available for free PDF download at, Mises defends the freedom of the press as a fundamental freedom and as a fundamental program of classical liberalism.

"Is Libertarianism Compatible with Religion?" by Laurence M. Vance: Based on a lecture Laurence Vance gave at the 2011 Austrian Scholars Conference (ASC) at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, this is a riveting defense of libertarianism from a religious perspective, particularly from the Christian worldview.

"How to Advance Liberty" by Leonard E. Read: Based on a lecture from the 1960s, Read gives us the proper strategy to advance the libertarian cause. That strategy is education.

"Locking Out the Immigrant" by Jacob G. Hornberger: The classic 1991 article makes the case for free immigration from a libertarian perspective, showing how immigration not only fits into libertarianism but also into the traditional classical-liberal system that dominated America in the nineteenth century (for the most part).

"Neo-Conned" by Ron Paul: The classic speech by Ron Paul on the nefarious group known as the neoconservatives.

"A Wise Consistency" by Ron Paul: A classic 2004 speech on liberty and how the principle of consistency is abused by statists.

"Just War" by Murray N. Rothbard: An article based on a 1994 lecture for the seminar The Costs of War. Rothbard argues that there were two, and only two, just wars in America's history: the American Revolution and the War for Southern Independence. Rothbard not only focuses on these two wars, but shows them as a framework for what a truly just war is.

"Killers-in-Chief" by John V. Denson: an excerpt from chapter 5 of Denson's book A Century of War.

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki" by Ralph Raico: Ralph Raico, in a modern classic, exposes the war criminal Harry Truman and opposes the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

"The Obligatory Post on Romans 13" by C. Jay Engel: This post deals with the issue of Romans 13 that is brought up by non-libertarian Christians seeking to smear libertarianism.

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