Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-17-2013)

Here is Tuesday's edition of Letter of Liberty

W. James Antle III on the Main Street libertarians who fight against the Wall Street crony capitalists

Jonathan Goodwin, the "Bionic Mosquito," on one of many possible worlds

Laurence Vance on why being a constitutionalist is not enough

Ron Paul: Has the tide turned on the warmongers?

Can quantitative easing lift economic growth? Frank Shostak gives the answer.

Jacob Hornberger on national defense, foreign policy and gun control

Paul Rosenberg on what the recent Washington Navy Yard shooting really means

Glenn Jacobs, a.k.a. the wrestler Kane, on the myth that "libertarians are the new Communists"

Glenn Greenwald goes inside the mind of NSA chief Keith Alexander.

Nolan McNamee on Gospel-centered politics

Jacob Hornberger on why D.C.'s gun control laws are no good

The cowboy of the NSA (Keith Alexander) has a mission: to build the ultimate spy machine.

The second part to C. Jay Engel's series on Gordon H. Clark vs. Cornelius Van Til

J. Huston McCulloch on what we should do with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Feddie Sue

Chris Hedges on the dead rhetoric of war

Pat Buchanan outlines Lindsey Graham's plan for war with Iran.

Jan Mickelson on the false Messiah of public education

Michael Rozeff on why withdrawing consent from the State is more than we think

Jeff Tucker teaches us the lessons he has learned from a Canadian border crossing.

Robert Wenzel on the fascinating prospects for Janet Yellen as new Fed chairman

Robert Wenzel on how libertarian political philosopher Walter Block serves as a role model

Robert Wenzel on how the defense industry influences Washington

Chris Rossini gives Ben Bernanke some suggestions for new PR director.

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