Friday, September 20, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (9-20-2013)

Here is the Friday edition of Letter of Liberty's News Edition

A Laissez-Faire Today letter on why America is freer than France for over 200 years (sarcasm)

Daniel Kuehn on why the conventional view on immigration is wrong

Paul Cantor on the zombie apocalypse in a DC comic

Lew Rockwell on why libertarians are the true champions of the common people

Peter Schiff on the taper that wasn't

Pat Buchanan on the continuing mission of the War Party, even as the sun peeks through the clouds of war

Justin Raimondo asks: "Is Peace Breaking Out?"

Ron Paul on his new book

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the worst Supreme Court decisions in all of American history

Rand Paul on the damages caused by a crucial drug-war weapon

Judge Napolitano on spying and lying

Chuck Baldwin on why gun control laws, not gun control, kill people

James Altucher on how he fooled his kids into not going to college

Jacob Hornberger on yet another debt-ceiling "crisis"

It seems there is going to be a graphic novel adaptation of the JFK assassination story.

Jeffrey Tucker on slut-shaming and coercion

Rachel Burger on why millennial-bashing is so Y2K

Charles Hugh Smith on why the higher education system is doomed

Kevin C of Team Gun Blogger on how to teach your kids about guns

Why did the SWAT team "stand down" at the Navy Yard shooting scene?

Ron Paul defines the core philosophy of libertarianism in his recent interview on the Charlie Rose Show

It seems that there is a biometric classroom with absolutely no privacy.

Karen Swallow Prior on the prodigal in all of us

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