Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is The Typical U.S. Soldier That Stupid?

Please, readers. Before you condemn me and attack me for that question, bear with me; this is not a trick question; this is a real question. And this not only applies to the average U.S. soldier, but also to the average conservative and to the average evangelical and fundamentalist Christian.

Laurence Vance just answered that question in today's article of his.

Says Vance:

A U.S. soldier takes issue with a “false and cowardly article spreading foolish nonsense” that I wrote a few years ago.
I call him a soldier because he describes himself in these terms: “I have been on 3 deployments, am a Reservist, been on Active duty before.”
The unnamed article of mine he describes as: “Your 2009 article on Christian Man Why they should NOT join the military.”
His comments are in a word, dumb; and in two words, really dumb.
Yet, the soldier’s comments surprised me. Most of the time that I receive dumb, rambling, grammatically challenged comments like his it is not from someone in the military. In spite of all the negative things I write about the military, most of the e-mails I receive from veterans and active-duty military personnel are favorable to my anti-war, anti-empire viewpoint. And especially from those men who were drafted and/or duped into going to Vietnam. It is usually armchair warriors, red-state fascists, warvangelicals, reich-wing nationalists, bloodthirsty conservatives, war-crazed Republicans, and God and country Christian bumpkins who have never been in the military themselves that write me the dumb, rambling, grammatically challenged e-mails, many of which are rambling, a number of which are filthy, many of which are incoherent, some of which are vile, and a few of which threaten to do me bodily harm. This soldier who just wrote to me is an embarrassment to everyone in the military. If these are the kind of people that are supposedly defending our freedoms, then we are in trouble.
Read the rest here. And don't forget to check out more work from Laurence Vance, which can be found either at his website or at his archive.

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