Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (10-01-2013)

Pat Buchanan on the lies of the Beltway on the Obamacare war

Jacob Hornberger on shutdown anxiety

Anthony Gregory writes on the march of the standing army.

Kelly Vlahos on how the Kenyan attacks are tickling right wing warmongering

John Whitehead tells the sad truth: police state programs are not affected by the impending shutdown.

Justin Raimondo reveals the truth: we live in a police state.

Norman Solomon on why the NSA deserves a permanent shutdown

Marc Clair on the five Obamacare taxes that doubled his insurance rates

Kristin Tate: Is Joe Biden right in attacking Ted Cruz this time?

Kristin Tate gives her comments on Ted Cruz's promise to donate to charity in the case of a forced government shutdown.

Joe Beck on the libertarian renaissance

Dave Albin on why government police and private security don't mix

C. Jay Engel on the final authority in constitutionalism and Catholicism

Jim Jones on how Putin blocked Obama from invading Syria

Ron Paul: Is the shutdown a grand bargain for liberty?

Walter Williams on why guns are not the problem

Thomas Sowell exposes the dangers of the minimum wage and how it destroys household jobs.

AmmoLand gives some tips on how to use the gun-control playbook against the gun-control advocates.

Chase Madar on the new American police state

Michael Ostrolenk and John Issac on why it's time to retire isolationism (my view is that isolationism has several variants, such as the protectionist strain exemplified by many in the post-WWI era and the free-trade, libertarian strain emphasized by Murray Rothbard, Frank Chodorov, and Ron Paul; while noninterventionism is the preferable term, isolationism as a term was indeed used by some older classical liberals and libertarians who still supported total free trade but rejected interventionism)

Laura Poitras and James Risen analyze the NSA's gathering of data on social connections of American citizens.

Marc Clair analyzes Murray Rothbard's view on Ayn Rand for this week's Mondays with Murray edition.

Jeffrey Tucker on why taxes are man's inhumanity to man

Eric Blair gives ten signs that the global elite are losing control.

Tess Pennington on what your health says about you

Tim Kelly on why Syria remains a target of the American empire

Edward Group shows five shocking truths about aspartame.

Brett and Kay McKay give nine tips for young men to start developing.

Jacob Hornberger: Shut down the nonessential drug war.

Anthony Gregory gives some advice on shutting down the government.

Jeff Berwick shows the positive effects that a government would have on the people.

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