Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (12-17-2013)

Here is the Tuesday roundup of news from Letter of Liberty

Ryan McMaken shows that being an Austrian economist is easier than ever.

Fred Reed explores the psychology of drone operators for the USG (United States government).

Tom Mullen reports on a federal ruling on the NSA.

Kelly Vlahos shows how Snowden became the carol of 2013.

John Whitehead laments the decline of childhood in the police state of Amerika.

Jacob Hornberger shows why abolishing the NSA is the only solution to police statism.

Jean MacKenzie show the truth about America's Nelson Mandela policy.

Conor Friedersdorf gives new evidence that the NSA chief lied to us.

Eugene Robinson encourages Americans to demand their privacy.

Spencer Ackerman explores the flaws with the 60 Minutes report.

The New York Times gives an editorial on the recent rebuke of surveillance statism.

Dr. James D. Boys writes on Parkland and the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Tony Newman rebukes cops for entrapping kids and getting them charged with drug offenses.

C. Jay Engel shows the truly greedy system in contrast to free markets.

Walter Williams reminds the pope that free markets are the best economic system ever.

Laurence Vance reviews Lizzie Collingham's new book The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle for Food.

Robert Wenzel picks the top books of 2013.

Peter Schiff defends his father Irwin Schiff.

Paul Rosenberg talks about when he said something positive about a politician.

Daniel McAdams on John McCain

Michael Snyder writes on the impending doom that will come next year.

Julian Adorney shows the lessons that Nazi Germany holds for us, and they are warnings against statism.

Ann Jones exposes the militarization of children by the American government.

Joseph Mercola shows the problems of too much sitting.

Daisy Luther on real-life survival

Paul Huebl writes on the reality of police brutality and corruption.

William Norman Grigg writes on Commissioner Wendy Olson.

Brian McWilliams on the first judicial hit to the NSA

Mike Holly shows how government regulations make healthcare expensive.

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