Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tragedy of Riots (and Black Friday)

I just found two important videos with regards to riots and Black Friday. While I am all for commerce, capitalism, free markets, and making money (the right way, productively, not coercively), I am not for loving money, rioting (like most Black Fridays result in), and zombie-style consumption.

The first video is libertarian talk-show host, conspiracy theorist, and 9/11 truther Alex Jones's (whose websites are in my Links and Resources page) comments on Black Friday. He tells how America is no longer a free market country but rather a country of global cronyism, with the help of artificial elites and media.

The second video is a harrowing video showing riots occurring on Black Friday (warning: graphic violence).

There are more videos regarding the nightmare that is Black Friday. They are in Dave Hodges's article today on (which I read everyday). And Paul Joseph Watson, an editor at, has written several articles on this phenomenon (see here, here, here, and here).This is all part of a larger sign of economic collapse, government failure, and civil unrest. Share them with your friends and family, like them on Facebook and Twitter, share them through Google+ (my default social networking service), and through about any service one can think off. The truth needs to get out. We need the Lord Jesus Christ more than ever. But we also need truth like this too. 

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