Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Worst Christmas Special Ever!

Doug Walker plays a guy named The Nostalgia Critic, a bitter, foulmouthed critic who looks at pop culture from his own youth and applies his criticism to them. He's very over-the-top and foul-mouthed in his humor (and he sometimes does jokes in bad taste), but I still love the guy because even if I wasn't as associated with American nostalgia as many are, I still enjoy his tearing apart of what is terrible about certain nostalgic memories that are typified in movies and television. His worldview can't exactly be called Christian, but his perspective is always interesting.

So why am I talking about him? I am going to embed the link to his review of what is considered the worst Christmas special ever: The Christmas Tree (1991). I haven't seen this special, and most probably haven't, but I will post this episode anyways.

So here it is. Enjoy. (Warning: Lots of foul language. Keep little kids away from this.)

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