Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-07-2014)

Here is the Tuesday News Edition of my news round-up.

Michael Tontchev makes the case for free immigration against its opponents. 

Glenn H. Reynolds makes the case for alternative education. 

Gary North shows why Obamacare failed. 

Kelly Vlahos gives her commentary on the War in Afghanistan. 

Robert Scheer shows why exposing government wickedness is truly patriotic. 

Doug Bandow exposes the problem of government waste. 

Jacob Hornberger on Egypt's crisis

Will Grigg exposes yet another horror of police brutality.

John Goodman smashes the five biggest myths about inequality. 

Butler Shaffer shows how intellectual property is bad for business, science, and creativity. 

Walter Williams exposes the dirty business behind minimum wage laws.

Daniel McAdams writes on what Ron Paul and Stephen Kinzer have to teach us about American foreign policy. 

Sheldon Richman shows how American foreign policy is in shambles. 

Jacob Hornberger asks a vital question about coups. 

John Glaser speaks out against American intervention in Iraq.

John Whitehead exposes the ways in which you are being watched by your government. 

Pino Arlaachi looks at the West's mistakes.

Peter Schiff talks about the bubbles that could blow up the world.

Jonathan Goodwin gives the reasons to keep a revolution non-violent. 

Sarah Knapton shows how great novels can change your life and brain.

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