Friday, January 10, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-10-2013)

Here is the Friday News Edition.

Jacob G. Hornberger shows how the desires for "NSA reform" is really a pipe dream. 

Sheldon Richman shows how intellectual property fosters corporate fascism. 

Ralph Raico demolishes the disaster that was WWI.

David Howden comments on "antifragility."

Justin Raimondo teaches the lessons of "Bridge-gate."

Ilana Mercer shows how the left and right are wrong on Benghazi. 

Lawrence Wittner looks at Americans and their views on war.

Scott McPherson gives thanks to Chief Craig.

Michael Snyder demolishes evolution with forty-four reasons.

Ross Caputi shares his regrets regarding Fallujah. 

Joseph Ratliff gives his take on the digital world and the prospects for liberty.

Bruce Schneier shows how the NSA actually threatens national security.

Paul Rosenberg shows what's wrong with the inflation/deflation debate.

Gary North comments on Robert Gates' new book.

Richard Daughty gives his recipe for success.

Walter Block gives his take on homosexuality, feminism, and libertarianism.

Michael Alford comments more on the fear of God. 

Andrew J. Bacevich comments on endless militarism. 

David Harsanyi comments on libertarian judgemental and drugs.

It seems that the ignorance of today's students should be unsurprising. 

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