Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-14-2014)

Here is the Tuesday News Edition of Letter of Liberty.

Patrick Barron explains how reserves are a barrier to credit expansion.

Joseph Stromberg explores the Marxist historian Gabriel Kolko.

John R. Graham explains why individual health insurance will become the standard. 

Kirk Wiebe explains why the NSA prefers metadata

Patrick Buchanan gives further comments on war with Iran.

Philip Girardi explains why we should ditch the Empire.

Jacob Hornberger shows the failures of statism.

Gary North explores neoconservative rule.

Fernando Herrera-Gonzalez gives a free-market solution to the issue of insider trading.

John Whitehead exposes the oligarchy we have today.

Walter Williams gives the truth about income inequality.

Chris Rossini makes the case for understanding Hitler's economics.

James Altucher gives eleven tips to write for a living.

Jack Cashill takes a look at some phony Obama autobiographies.

Scott Lazarowitz shows how we can stand up for our rights.

Daisy Luther makes the case against the flu shot.

Jeffrey St. Clair looks at the problem of American-style eugenics.

Richard Ebeling makes the case that Shangai's history reveals the success of capitalism.

Winslow Wheeler shows that the death of many Iraqis is one of Robert Gates's real legacies.

Scott Lazarowitz gives some truthful information about the late Ariel Sharon.

Ivo Vegter smashes some myths about libertarians.

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