Friday, January 31, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (1-31-2013)

Here is the Friday News Edition.

Dave Albin makes the case for a free market in food labeling.

Thomas DiLorenzo takes a look at the link between Lincoln's army and Hitler.

Scott Lazarowitz asks whether the people will wake up.

Robert Murphy gives his thoughts on Peter Schiff's talks on the minimum wage.

Joseph Salerno sets Krugman straight about Mises and the Great Depression.

Prof. Michael Chossudovsky exposes how America's government has warred on the world for so long.

Robert Higgs gives his thoughts on his connection with the late Governor Issac Stevens.

John Whitehead points to the greatest threats to the freedom of America.

Joe Alton takes a look at expiration dates and survival prepping

Egon von Greyerz talks about gold and the "lost century."

Dr. Helen Smith takes a look at the college hostility to manhood.

Anthony DeBlasi takes a look at the nameless hurt of military action.

Michael Rozeff takes a look at why the US has lost manufacturing jobs.

Chuck Baldwin shows how the virus of police statism has infected the world.

Justin Raimondo looks at the reluctant "realism" of Obama.

Ilana Mercer makes the case for secession instead of another convention.

John Odermatt takes a look at state protectionism and sports gambling interests.

Jacob Hornberger contrasts the two systems America has had.

Tori Richard exposes the link between IRS horrors and Obamacare.

James Miller warns of Ben Bernanke puff pieces.

Laurence Vance gives his solution to the problem of unemployment benefits.

Justin Raimondo exposes yet another neocon trick: using WWII to justify our modern wars.

Jason Harrington gives his confessions about his work at the TSA.

Louise Cooper talks on F. A. Hayek.

Jeremy Scahill exposes Obama's drone wars and his whitewashing of surveillance statism.

Javier Garay exposes the fallacies of the war against inequality.

Jeff Miron asks if the drug war is over.

Radley Balko looks at another evil of the drug war.

Peter Jenkins exposes yet another manufactured foreign crisis.

Jonathan Goodwin explains what is paranoia and what is not.

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