Friday, February 21, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-21-2014)

Here is the Friday News Edition of Letter of Liberty

John Odermatt writes on the new problem of Utah's attempting to take DNA from you.

Ilana Mercer looks at the presstitute's misinfo on Ukraine.

Pat Buchanan explains why we should stay out of Ukraine.

Justin Raimondo writes on the FCC's bringing Chavismo to America.

Nebojsa Malic comments further on Ukraine and Bosnia.

Ryan McMaken comments on Colorado's new cannabis economy

Patrick Barron writes on Mises, Kant, and welfare spending.

Laurence Vance explains why discrimination means freedom of association.

Murray Rothbard made the case against the minimum wage years ago.

Judge Napolitano makes the case that the president is a dictator.

John Pigler explains why WW2 wasn't so "good" after all.

The Voice of Russia interviews Ron Paul on Snowden, Ukraine, Syria, Iran talks, and much more.

Taki writes on WWI.

Tom Engelhardt shows how a thug State opeartes.

Jeffrey Scribner: NSA spying is the tip of the iceberg.

Paul Joseph Watson explains how masculinity is under attack.

Creek Stewart makes the case for owning a bow-and-arrow.

Daisy Luther asks if gluten-free is a fad or not.

Jack Douglas: Amerika is pushing Ukraine into civil war.

Jesse Ventura explains the "secret life" of drones.

Kevin Carson gives five libertarian reforms millennials should fight for.

Trevor Hultner explains why the new film The Purge 2 is wrong about anarchy.

Thomas Knapp explains why libertarianism does not mean conservatism, despite Justin Amash.

Jacob Hornberger explains the lessons Egypt hold for us.

Faré gives his case arguing that libertarianism is neither left-wing or right-wing.

Randy England gives his thoughts on the "left-libertarian"-"vulgar libertarian" conflict.

C. Jay Engel gives an interesting take on libertarianism and Christian theonomy.

Sheldon Richman explains the phony trade-off between privacy and security.

Tom Woods interviews Michael Huemer, the anarcho-libertarian philosopher and author of The Problem of Political Authority.

C. Jay Engel also writes up on Jeff Johnson's views on the Christian and the state.

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