Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (2-25-2014)

Justin Raimondo gives his thoughts on the Ukraine situation.

Glenn Greenwald looks into the mind of James Clapper.

Robert Batemarco explains John K. Galbraith's views on advertising.

Colleen Rowley reports on new calls for war against Syria surfacing.

Thomas Sowell exposes the "fairness" fraud.

Ron Paul admonishes us to stay out of Ukraine's affairs.

John Whitehead exposes the police's war against the American people.

William Anderson takes a look at the Loyola University president's lies against Walter Block.

James Altucher gives a "cheat sheet" for dealing with haters.

Pat Buchanan explains how freedom dies.

Jonathan Goodwin shows the real reason why football sucks: it's PR for the American State.

C. Jay Engel explains how the political narrative is propaganda, pure and simple.

Peter Dale Scott gives his thoughts on 9/11, Deep State politics, and Internet politics.

Rick Ector reports on a new pro-gun resurgence in Detroit.

Margaret Durst explains the harm caused by inflammation.

Joseph Mercola explains what's wrong with the American diet.

Gaye Levy gives 20 tips to survive an economic breakdown.

Chris Horlacher smashes more Stalin apologias (it's sad that Stalin apologias even exist).

James E. Miller: Libertarianism is the only peaceful philosophy.

Alvaro V. Llosa explores the life of Leopoldo Lopez.

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