Friday, March 14, 2014

Letter of Liberty News Edition (3-14-2014)

Here is the Friday News Edition of Letter of Liberty.

Ilana Mercer comments on the Duke student who became a porn star.

Nick Turse comments on Washington's proxy foreign policy in Africa.

Conn Hallinan comments on Ukraine, WikiLeaks and NATO.

Justin Raimondo advises that Crimea be allowed to secede and determine their fates.

William Grigg laments the end of private property rights.

Russ Baker investigates the mysterious case of "Danny."

Daniel McAdams argues that sanctions against Russia are absurd.

Michael Rozeff demolishes the theory of economic sanctions

Robert Wenzel explains how to get a Wall Street job quick and easy.

Roger McKinney explains fiat money and buisness cycles.

David Swanson argues against the thermonuclear monarchy.

Eric Peters explains new things to know about new cars.

Steve Sailer believes that the US government and Russian government may never get along.

Sheldon Richman explains how Americans can really help Ukranians.

Jacob Hornberger condemns America's Cold War socialism.

Jacob Hornberger warns that the CIA can't be "reformed" and that it should be abolished.

Laurence Vance reviews Faith and War, a book detailing Christian ideas regarding the Cold War.

Byran Cheng: Herbert Spencer, the great 19th century thinker, taught that freedom and empire are in conflict with one another.

Andrew Napolitano explains the troubles with the NSA and the CIA.

The Washington Times editorializes on yet another Justice Department crime: trying to criminalize sharing of links.

Adam Gopnik explains the flaws of Crimea-related hysteria.

Scott McConnell comments on yet another plan to start a Cold War.

Ryan Gallagher and Glenn Greenwald expose the NSA's plans to infect computers with malware through Facebook.

Dean Becker advocates for an end to the drug war, giving advice to the politicians.

Ben Powell argues that government policies harm income mobility.

George Leef teaches us the lessons of UAW's defeat in Chattanooga.

Sheldon Richman attacks the U.S. empire and its hypocrisy.

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