Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Comments

I just received several new comments on this blog, and I want to post about it, notifying everyone.

1. Marc Clair's comment on In Defense of Lew Rockwell, Part 1:

Great perspective here and keep up the great work!

 : Another sound defense of Mr. Rockwell, Anand. The main group of people he (and many other LRC and Mises associates) seems to have a grudge against are beltway "libertarians" who are generally weak on the anti-war issue (and plenty of other key issues) and all too willing to compromise with politicians on this or that. These same "libertarians" have no problem attacking "purists," but when they are on the receiving end of criticism, you'll hear plenty of whining.
3. Aaron Catlin Styles on the same article:
 : The "adding to libertarianism" crowd is making a fatal mistake. They are under the delusion that this tactic will draw in "new blood" to the liberty movement. In reality they will push more away since the ideas/philosophies they wish to add are the same flawed ideas and philosophies that drove most of us to libertarianism in the first place. Libertarianism finds it strength in its very basic, widely acceptable, core principles. Lew Rockwell knows this is the case and that is why he is such a integral part of our community. You have defended him wonderfully. Keep up the great work, Anand!
There are many more comments here on the site, including on "Explaining Anarcho-Capitalism," and I will regularly post when I get new comments. 

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