Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Interesting Quote I Just Found Today

I just found an interesting quote that I would like to share with you, readers of Letter of Liberty:

"In general, democracy and intelligence services are antagonists; democracy depends on transparency and intelligence services on the opposite. So the democratic / congressional / governmental oversight is always a quite rotten compromise. The CIA’s camouflage from the beginning was that it is a service to gather intelligence – and centralize the intelligence gathering of the different other services – to keep the president informed. The main job of the CIA were and are covert operations, and because such operations depend on “plausible deniability,” it was usual from the beginning to inform the president – if at all – only minimally. Since the CIA’s “father” Allen Dulles was a Wall Street lawyer and his brother John Foster ran the foreign policy, covert operations were a family business done by the Dulles-Brothers and their clients on Wall Street. This is what JFK tried to finish and what marked him to death."

That quote was from an interview by Lars Schall with Mathias Broeckers, and it was about how the JFK assassination marked the end of the American republic and brought on the American empire.

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