Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Did Michael Hastings Die?

How did Michael Hastings die? This was the pivotal question that was asked after the untimely death of journalist Michael Hastings. Many accepted the official narrative, where he was rushing and crashed into a tree as a result. But others dissent, as they hold that a car doesn't just randomly explode when it hits a tree.

The dissenters hold that there could have been a conspiracy to it.

And it turns out I agree with the dissenters.

Here are some resources on the Michael Hastings death

1. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Hastings Was Murdered by Dave Hodges

2. Why Was Michael Hastings Murdered? by Dave Hodges

3. How Did Michael Hastings Really Die? by Melissa Melton

4. Corporate Media Portrays Hastings as Meth User by Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars

5. Release of Michael Hastings Autopsy Report Only Prompts More Questions by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars

6. Eye Witness to Michael Hastings's Death Says Body Not Charred Beyond Recognition by Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars

7. Was Michael Hastings Murdered? Conspiracy Theories Are Rife by Medha Chandorkar

8. Was Michael Hastings Murdered? by Kris Zane

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