Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letter of Liberty News Edition (8-27-2013)

Here is my Tuesday news edition.

"Local Boy" Michael Alford on why we need a new pediatrician

Michael Scheuer's observation on King Obama's Syrian madness

Ted Snider on Iran, Egypt and America

The "click-and-print" revolution is here to stay, says Ray Blanco.

Gary North on Milton Friedman as "Professor Voucher"

Kelly Vlahos on sending broken men into Afghanistan

Bill Sardi on how much of our "reality" is actually a "grand illusion" created by the State

This week's Mondays with Murray deals with Murray Rothbard's views on libertarian populism, in light of a recent article by David D'Amato on the issue.

Kurt Nimmo on why a cruise missile attack is not going to take out Bashar al-Assad

Anthony Gucciardi gives us a flashback to when Yahoo! News revealed that the US was planning to launch a chemical weapons attack and blame it on Assad.

Foreign Policy reports that America helped Saddam Hussein as he gassed Iran. So much for "spreading demoracy and freedom."

Walter Williams on reeducation and discrimination at George Mason University (GMU).

William L. Anderson asks whether Milton Friedman was right on Rothbard's views on collapsing banks.

Jerome Corsi on the evidence that the Syria gas attack was really a work of US allies rather than Assad.

It seems that inspectors in Syria were forbidden into investigating who used the chemical weapons in Syria.

It seems that Americans will still oppose war with Syria even if it is confirmed that Assad did indeed use chemical weapons.

John Kerry is preparing WMD pre-text in preparation for war with Syria, reports Kurt Nimmo.

Some reports are now showing that America-backed rebels entered Syria before the attack, maybe suggesting that the whole chemical weapons attack could be a false flag.

J. Dana Stuster on the strangest detail of the CIA's 1953 Iranian coup

John Glaser on why the use of chemical weapons in Syria is ultimately irrelevant

Tom Mullen on how Egypt is a metaphor for American foreign policy

Radley Balko on the greatest and most ignoramus of moments in drug-war propaganda

Tom Mullen reviews the new blockbuster movie Elysium from a libertarian perspective. His rating is one freedom thumb up, two thumbs down.

Documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras on how the detention of David Miranda and the destruction of the hard drives containing important files constitutes an attack on press freedom

James Bovard on the bogus "anti-terrorist" crackdown on financial freedom

Mac Slavo on how the US government is preparing for a cruise missile attack on Syria

Mac Slavo on an ex-soldier's survival plan "to hit preppers"

Jay Rosen on how the surveillance state is trying to make journalism harder, slower, and less safe

Laurence Vance writes on the stupidity of Christians who think that the State is a gift of God as he reviews Ronald Sider's new book Just Politics.

Ron Paul on how middle-of-the-road healthcare leads to socialism.

Jonathan Turley on the real cover-up at Area 51

Scott Lazarowitz on how health fascism results from a society in need of healing

An American civil war is coming soon, as is shown by an interview on Russia Today with Kevin Barrett, Anthony Gucciardi, and Gerry Celente.

Brian McWilliams on how government is selling personal data to mail marketers

Eric Blair on government's lust for blood and why Americans don't want a war with Syria

Michael Snyder on the 72 types of Americans that are considered "potential terrorists" by the government

It seems that the new Google glass app will read people's emotions, says Jon Rappaport.

Snipers just fired on UN inspectors. Is that a rebel crime?

Jon Rappaport asks, "Why do they try so hard to end freedom?"

Jon Rappaport on how the NSA is a new member of the UN

Jon Rappaport on the heartless, cold super-soldier being created

Anthony Gucciardi reports that the Pentagon is preparing for a large-scale economic breakdown. It seems that the Pentagon will start a military dictatorship to crack down on those who oppose the State's doings.

Joseph Mercola on the unseen benefits of (some) viruses

William Jasper on how the government and environmentalism is causing catastrophic fires in the West

Jack Kerwick on why conservatives and libertarians shouldn't vote GOP, Oprah Winfrey and five racial double standards, and conservative voters vs. the GOP

James Altucher's ultimate "cheat sheet" for running business

Chris Rossini on why Keynesians will be caught off guard again

Paul Craig Roberts on how Syria is another Western war crime in the making.

Paul Krugman and Brad DeLong smack down on Austrian economist Robert P. Murphy. Robert Wenzel offers us his very own answer to why Murphy shouldn't act like a non-Austrian to advance Austrian economics.

Robert Murphy on what it feels like to be square

Paul Rosenberg on freedom and servitude

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